Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Dare to LEAD! Our volunteer program, LEADer is designed to give each volunteer a diverse and rewarding experience while working towards fulfilling our mission to develop youth leadership skills by helping the community.

Become a LEADer Volunteer!

By joining our program, you will have access to many special and recurring volunteer opportunities.

You will be not only helping others but also develop your interests and improve your service life. Take part in accomplishing Dare to LEAD’s mission!

How do I become a volunteer?

In order to provide volunteers and the community the best experience possible, we require potential volunteers to:

1. Complete a volunteer application

2. Complete Online Orientation and Training for Specific Positions (Shift Leader, +)

3. Start volunteering with Dare to LEAD!

This process can take about 2-weeks after your submission of the volunteer application. 

Dare to LEAD is working to accommodate online volunteers with remote opportunities!

Can anyone become a LEADer Volunteer?

Dare to LEAD requires that all volunteers be 10 years or older. Students under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at events. This program is dedicated to youth, but older volunteers are welcomed.

Who do I contact with questions?

Our team is happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have by contacting team@daretoleadnonprofit.org.

Are you ready to start the process?

Submit your application today!