Homeless Initiative

It is a sad reality that Dallas has the highest growing amount of homeless. In fact, according to the Dallas News,

“Texas has a population of about 28 million people, and nearly 4.3 million of them live in poverty. In just the city of Dallas alone, a population of about 1.3 million, nearly 22% live in poverty. That’s greater than one out of every five people (Dallas News).”

Growing up in more of the wealthy neighborhoods of Dallas/Fort Worth and breaking that bubble has opened the understanding that not everyone has easy access to grocery stores and restaurants. I have always encountered homeless people in busy cities like New York or Los Angeles, but driving 30 minutes to Fort Worth to school everyday and encountering homeless there made the global issue more of a community problem waiting to be solved.

There are so many different root problems from illnesses to unemployment. Countless nonprofits and shelters work to end homelessness targeting the root problems by providing a range of support services including eviction prevention, emergency services, transitional housing and permanent affordable housing. Young people may not be able to help with these services so donating essential items and their time to homeless shelters is a great opportunity to make a difference.

Dare to LEAD is dedicated to help youth learn about homelessness and how to help serve those in need. Volunteering needs to go beyond fulfilling service hours to a genuine desire to help the community. That is why Dare to LEAD has designed service projects and presentations that offer children and teenagers an opportunity to joyfully give their time and treasure by making sandwiches, pies, blankets and donating items to the homeless. LEADer volunteers love attending DTL service events because they have fun with their friends and family while truly feeling like they are making a difference.

Why Donate Socks and Blankets?

Donating items for the homeless is one of the best ways to help those in need. Blankets and socks are among the most popular and effective (and for a reason!) items to donate. Blankets can be a homeless person’s best friend when conditions are cold or to soften a surface. Make sure your blanket is in new or clean lightly used condition!

Clean socks are hard to come by in many homeless shelters and are one of the most overlooked items. A quality pair of socks can make a difference in comfort, warmth, and cleanliness of an individual. Not only do socks provide warmth, they prevent infection and bacteria from wet socks. This is important as most homeless walk several miles daily to access shelter, food, and other essentials. Individuals are more motivated to seek help and employment when they have confidence in their appearance like clean dry clothes.

Join Dare to LEAD on December 20th at Hand-Tied Blankets for the Homeless.

We look forward to seeing our LEADer Volunteers at the next Happy Healthy Meals for the Homeless or Sandwich Sunday!

Dare to LEAD,

Katie Hoang

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