Voting Can Cause Change

Change is something every human has become accustomed to. Change is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, however, its effects are perceived differently by everyone it envelopes. Change can move mountains, part seas, and allow for the growth of a better world. The one interesting fact about change that we very often fail to notice is that change can start from the smallest of factors. People often mention “The Butterfly Effect” when talking about change, which is a phenomenon where small changes can set other changes into motion to cause larger outcomes. Like how a butterfly landing on a leaf could cause a tornado miles away, many months later. Can we produce such change? Who is to say we can’t move mountains or parts seas in our own life, community, or even our nation as a whole? Well we can create massive change through our own civic participation, or in simpler terms, voting.

Voting is a very important process that every citizen should participate in if they can. Voting for your local representatives can allow for your voice to be heard. It is very hard to enact change without the power of social and political influence. However, your representatives have those powers. Confide in them, and they will take account of your concerns and expectations. It is their duty is to represent your voice, your ideas, your hopes and dreams for your community. However, this doesn’t stop at the local or state level, this can be carried all the way to the national level. As the presidential election approaches, we can see the importance of voting becoming more prevalent. The United States of America being a democratic republic means that the power of the representatives of government purely depends on the people's choice. Every representative in the House of Representatives, every senator in the Senate, and every President that has ever stepped foot in the capital has been put there by everyday people like you and me. Considering the power and influence these people hold, it is important that we choose qualified candidates to step up to the table. This is very easy. It is as simple as voting for who ever holds true to your political philosophy. Analyze your candidates and make an educated decision based on who represents not only your political views, but more importantly your moral views. Keep in mind however, no one candidate will be absolutely perfect. But that is okay, stick with your gut and vote.

Voting can cause change larger than ourselves. It can move mountains, part seas, and cause the growth of a better world. The only question that remains is: will you be a part of that change?

Terence Kyei

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