Our Team Members

Meet the People Behind the Events, Social Media, and Mission.

The People Who Make the Dream Work.


Terence Kyei

Event Coordinator

Hey guys, my name is Terence Kyei. I am a senior at Nolan Catholic high school. I am passionate about activism and bettering my community in anyway that I can. I am an avid volunteer, mostly working with young kids and teens, and I am the president of my school’s National Honor Society.


Iida Linkka


My name is Iida Linkka and I am 17 years old. I am about to start my senior year in high school so the Common App is a tab always open on my laptop. I work at an Ice Cream shop and my favorite flavor is “Eyes Wide Open,” which is deliciously coffee flavored.


Isabella Hernandez

I’m Isabella Hernandez and I’m 17 years old. I am a senior at Nolan Catholic. My passions include debate and political research. Growing up as a minority I’ve always felt the need to understand what other people go through and have been an advocate for injustice.


Britney Ngo

Hi! My name is Britney Ngo and I’m 16 years old. I have a great interest in crafting, photography, and learning new things. I have always had a passion for helping others and bettering my community. Growing up I always wanted to join an organization to impact others lives


Madie Huynh

Branding Director

My name is Madie Huynh and I’m 16 years old. My love for learning new things has recently translated into an interest in branding, graphic design, and videography. I am a strong believer that everyone has unique talents and strengths that can be used to leave an impact. Finding my passion for videography and being able to help so many different kinds of people has been so rewarding and I am now turning to my community to see how I can use my strengths to serve. I have personally benefitted beyond words from the supportive community I grew up in and I am so excited continue to empower young adults with Dare to LEAD.


Duc Nguyen

Hey there!! I’m Duc Nguyen and I’m a 15 year old sophomore at Nolan Catholic High School. At Nolan, I strive to take part in the school community by being a member of the Varsity tennis team, Stuco, Ambassadors, and many clubs. In all my work I do, I always give it my all and I never give up on any tasks until I complete them to perfection. The main thing about me is that I have always had a great passion for serving others. My parents have always taught me to put others before myself and to this day, I have always tried to find opportunities to put these words into action.


Katie Hoang

Executive Director

Hey there! My name is Katie Hoang. I’m a junior in high school. I’m also probably my local coffee shop’s most regular customer. I can be found there working on Dare to LEAD, editing pictures for my photography business www.katiehoang.com, or studying. After dipping my toes in various activities such as blogging, photography, and tennis; I have found community service to be the most rewarding.